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Bristol’s Got Bhangra - Jeevan Singh & Rajwant Kaur


Indian Bhangra Drumming & Dance Workshops

Workshops for Ages

3 Upwards

Workshops Offered

We offer a variety of Indian Drumming and Dance workshops at various different levels, and are based around “Bhangra” which is the famous Folk Drumming and Dance Tradition from Punjab, Northern India, and offer a brief History and introduction to Bhangra and its origins.
Dhol Drumming workshop, which involves a big Indian Drum, played with sticks and would be suitable for all ages, and is very loud if there are more than 5-6 Dhols.
A Dholak Workshop which is a smaller Indian Drum played with both hands and is suitable for all age groups
A Tabla Workshop, which involves Tabla’s the more well known Indian Percussive instruments and would suit more advanced students

We also offer a Bhangra Dance Workshop, and is performed alongside the Dhol Drumming workshop and is led by Rajwant Kaur

Artist Statement

Rajwant Kaur

Dedicated and accomplished Bristol based musician, with a solid background in Indian Percussion including Dhol, Dholak and Tabla and many other percussive Instruments. Multilingual with fluency in English, Punjabi, and Hindi.
Has had formal training in Traditional Dhol and Bhangra Dance, under Ustad Mohan Lal Dholi in 1995, and then further training under Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti in San Francisco in 1996. Also completed a Master Class in Tabla under Gyani Gurbaksh Singh Ragi. Has gained considerable performance expertise as an accompanist Dhol Dholak and Tabla player for an array of UK based, and Indian Artists such as Hans Raj Hans, Sukhshinder Shinda, Mika Harbhajan Talwar XLNC RSVP and many more.

Jeevan Singh

My name is Jeevan Singh and I am a free-lance musician based in Bristol, specializing in Indian Percussion & Bhangra Music, and have been providing workshops for various organizations in and around Bristol for the past 2-3 years.

I have been playing Tabla, Dholak, Dhol, for the past 15 years and also play Drum Kit, Keyboards, Harmonium and a various other Punjabi Instruments such as Tumbi, Dhad, Banjo and Vaaja.

Now using his British Asian background to combine his unique style of playing which uses traditional Indian styles cleverly interwoven with a wide range of music genres including Klezmer, Gambian Turkish and many other styles of music.

I currently have been working with the Asian Arts Agency, providing Bhangra Drumming Work shops to schools and Elderly Day Centres, I also teach in City of Bath College as a guest lecturer on Indian Folk Music.



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